What Goes Through Your Mouth Has Strong Impact On Your Teeth

What Goes Through Your Mouth Has Strong Impact On Your Teeth

Many of us just don’t know the effects of different foods that we take in our body, especially the effects it has on our teeth. For example, the longer food stays in your mouth, the more of a risk it has on your teeth. Eating chips, pasta and noodles frequently may be harsh on our teeth because of the carbohydrates that are being reprocessed. When eating leftover foods, it can also cause harm on your teeth because of the bacteria that is present in the food. It can produce acid that will cause tooth decay. Eating foods that are chewable and sticky, can also be a cause for tooth breakdown. However, one of the biggest causes for tooth decay comes from the carbonated soft drinks. The sugar tends to cover the teeth, which causes the decaying of teeth much quicker.

A study has shown that drinking coca cola, leads to more rapid tooth decay that any of the other sodas that were tested. It is not only because of the sugar; but also because of the phosphoric used as acidulates. It is the same acid dentists use for etching the enamel prior to the insertion of a composite filling. Phosphoric acid corrodes the surface of the enamel, clearing the way for the microorganisms. If you are concerned about decay-causing acid that is present in the soda, there are some ways to reduce your teeth from the exposure of this acid. Just as an example, drinking your sodas with the use of straw, it limits the sugar that goes directly to your teeth. You can also drink your soda together with meals, saliva production stimulated by the food, can create a buffer and dilute the acidic effects of soda. You can also brush your teeth after your soda intake, which will also limit the exposure of the acid from the soda.

We can protect our teeth from the harmful foods that we are eating, just by simply being clean. Cleaning your mouth as often as possible, will help to protect your teeth from decaying. You can also prevent your teeth from being destroyed by simply avoiding the foods that may be too harsh on the teeth.


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